Unemployment Lawyer Services

If you lose your job through no fault of your own, most states provide benefits that give you a portion of your wages for a period of time or until you can find a new job. There are numerous situations that legally qualify for this benefit. The most obvious situation is in the case of company downsizing. In these job loss scenarios, you rarely need to fight for your compensation. However, there are situations where you may need to show the state and courts that you qualify for these payments, and in these situations you need the help of an unemployment lawyer.

What type of job loss could you face that may make it difficult to receive your compensation? Sometimes you are asked to leave a position not because you were a poor employee, but because the employer is harassing or discriminating against you. Other times you will need to step away from a position because you have received threats or the workplace was hazardous to your health. In these situations, you should still receive this compensation, but you may not always get it. This is where an unemployment lawyer can help. These attorneys understand employment rights in your state and can help you fight for what you deserve if you need to appeal a denied application for benefits.

How Benefits Claims Work

In a typical scenario, you will file for benefits after our job is terminated. If your job was terminated due to company cutbacks or some other straightforward situation, you will likely be awarded your compensation without dispute. In this case you do not need an attorney.

If, however, you were let go because of unscrupulous practices on your employer’s side, you may find that your employer contests your claim. In this station you may find that your claim is denied, and you cannot receive compensation. In this case, you must file a dispute to fight against your employer’s claims against you. The help of an unemployment lawyer is essential to succeeding, particularly if you are fighting a large company who has experienced these cases several times.

Services Offered

Your attorney will begin by explaining your rights and reviewing your case. If it appears that you do have a case that should be approved for compensation, your attorney will agree to represent you. He or she will then handle the paperwork necessary to file the appeal correctly, freeing you to start looking for another job instead of fighting for the compensation you already deserve.

The key to winning the case is proving that you were let go through no fault of your own. Your attorney will help you establish the fact in the mind of the courts that you were a good worker and were the victim of discrimination or harassment, thus leading to your eventual loss of a job.